Welcome to the Grumpy Old Birder


This website is a repository for my writing whether it be my regular column, occassional articles or links to my books...

As of April 2014 there are 50 'GOB' articles... and several from other publications as well as an occassional rant.

On this site you will also find details of my other publications... mostly rather 'academic' works on various animal eponyms with biographies of the people so honoured and a book of my anecdotes (signed copies will be available through this site)

Meanwhile I am being a lot less grumpy on some other sites such as my new 'summer Blog' www.fatgardener.net a safari in my tiny urban garden...

...and my latest book is due to be published August 2014



They say "...you can't judge a book by its cover..." Turns out they were wrong!