Welcome to the Grumpy Old Birder

Men can be fickle, but birds I always trust – Lord Varys, Game of Thrones

This website is a repository for my writing whether it be my regular column, occasional articles or links to my books.

As of November 2019 there are 123 ‘GOB’ articles… and several from other publications as well as an occasional rant. Three-quarters are also Podcasts, so if you can’r be arsed to read them just scroll to the bottom of the article and click on the audio file… that way you get to hear my dulcet tones without any effort at all.

On this site you will also find details of my other publications… mostly rather ‘academic’ works on various animal eponyms with biographies of the people so honoured, but there is also a book of my anecdotes (signed copies will be available through this site) for somewhat lighter reading.

Meanwhile I am being a lot less grumpy on some other sites such as my ‘summer Blog’ Fat Gardener a safari in my tiny urban garden… but if its rants you want I am a lot more grumpy on others such as the non-birding Angry Old Bloke 

…and my latest published book was October 2017 – The Eponym Dictionary of Odonata – another 570,000 word opus is in train….

Go back to 2014 for my anecdotal travel log…


They say “…you can’t judge a book by its cover…” Turns out they were wrong!

Rant it out!