Back down in the dumps

It’s truly remarkable how much detritus a tiny garden like ours creates. After several days ‘tidying’ up for the end of summer we have all of our garden refuse bins (4) full. Fortunately, we anticipated this and had booked a morning slot at the recycling centre. It is now almost a pleasure to visit with a sensible layout and better organisation because of social distancing. The visit lasted no more than five minutes from start to finish. It’s terrific what we cannot compost gets shredded and compressed and ends up a few months later bagged up and ready to sell back to us as compost.

Just for once, instead of pottering about, we sat in the sun with cold drinks and enjoyed the garden. Just when you think summer has died out comes the sun into a clear blue sky and tops up your tan!

When sat at the table, we were joined by a tiny curled up caterpillar, no more than a centimetre long. When it unfurled it was still diminutive but more attractive.

I have failed to identify it.


Rant it out!
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