English countryside

Yesterday we had another outing just to see somewhere local that we had never seen. Setting the satnav to a village name I knew we had never visited we just followed it then wound our way back home on another route. A few birds entertained us but most of the time was spent just appreciating the local landscape. I guess we normally have purpose and direction so go to the places we need to, shopping, work or birding most of it is not aimless wandering. We know our routes well so never experience the new. A distant windmill here is the first of its type I’ve seen in Kent, but what was most striking was the colour on a sunny winter’s day.

I stopped to photograph this field as, in the sun, it was as bright as ripe rape… although it was just grass or winter wheat I guess.

The adjacent field was striking for its long furrows some filling with the recent rain. In the corner a dozen pied wagtails played.

Around the corner this tree like a very deliberately positioned sculpture alongside the road.

This is not a ‘beauty spot’ or are of ‘outstanding natural beauty’; it’s just a country corner, heavily managed by man, but still glorious nature.

Rant it out!
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