Failed Fungi Foray

Everything seemed perfect… got up early, the weather was cool with a light breeze and no rain, and we set off for St Margarets and other parts near Dover. There were certainly plenty of migrants about with a steady stream of Swallows and House Martins over the Dover Patrol Monument. This is a memorial to the men who patrolled the water’s off Dover during WW2 – ironically the high point of our outing was seeing a Spitfire fly over the memorial. Unbelievably noisy too, I guess engines that old have every right to be wheezy.

The Channel was the clearest I have ever seen it. From that vantage point we could actually see the clock tower in Calais!

Lots of birds especially chiffchaffs, but nothing special… the best bird was a young redstart.

Looking around the area we couldn’t find any fungi at all. A few other places on the way home proved just as unproductive… nice to get some fresh air, but disappointing otherwise.

Rant it out!
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