Float like a butterfly, sting like a… wasp

It’s a red letter day for our tiny urban garden. Our butterfly visitor today was only the second of its kind we have ever seen here in over twenty years… and the first that stayed long enough for a photo when it posed on pour mini-greenhouse. It’s common across Europe and beyond and one we usually encounter, not surprisingly given its name, in the woods, or woodland edge.

Speckled Wood Pararge aegeria

What is more this was the first time this year that a wasp settled long enough to get an image… must remember to leave a sprinkling of water somewhere on a ridiculously hot day again as it stopped to drink.

Common Wasp Vespula vulgaris

Newly displaying scabious today… vaguely remember scattering the seed, what a beautiful variety!

Not such good news one of our large standard fuschias over twenty years old, not looking so good… is the dry weather making it drop all the leaves. I’d cut it back but perhaps need to wait until early spring.

Rant it out!
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