From Sad to Not Bad

The weather was punishing this year and we have certainly lost plants… but some shrubs and perennials that looked on their way out, are now showing definite signs of improvement, and some are definitely thriving!

The False Castor Oil plant, when laden with snow, drooped and wilted and worried us. The ornamental Cuckoo Pint (Arum Maculatum) below it always loses its leaves after the growing season anyway, so it was hard to tell if it would be back. Now they look a lot less sad!

We cultivate stinging nettles as a number of butterflies love to lay their eggs on them. They too die back in winter, and I’m pleased to say are doing well, showing spring growth.

Finally, this dutsia has always retained its leaves all year, but this year every leaf dropped and the stems looked shrivelled and dehydrated. I was sure it was a goner… two weeks of warmer weather proved me wrong.

Rant it out!
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