Nothing much about (cont…)

…Despite the lovely sunny day birds were few and far between. We drove down the tracks to the fishing lakes where we have seen some good farmland birds but we only connected with one flock feeding in stubble.

They were hard to see as the vegetation had grown to a few inches high, high enough to hide most of the birds. However, a few did jump up to reveal white tail edges confirming that they were skylarks, our only year tick of the day.

This brought our year total to 80, a figure we usually surpass on day one and no doubt would have on our planned day out on the Isle of Sheppey on January 1st had lock-down not intervened.

Staying local and being mobility challenged combine to keep the tally low… although some very common birds are missing that should be super easy even in local parks! 

Rant it out!
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