Odds and Ends

Having determined to identify everything that flies, walks, crawls or grows in my garden, some plants arrived today… A cheap deal of ‘nurseryman’s choice’ of perennials.  I was happy for the serendipity but did expect to have the plugs identified. If you know what you have at least you can plant colour combinations. I could smell that some were lavender plants, and given the dry summers and bee attractiveness of lavender you can never have too much, but the rest are a mystery which will get revealed in spring.

There are still plants that I’ver failed to ID… but will keep trying. The one below was a recent purchase and I can read its label and now know it has an established cousin elsewhere in the garden.

Caryopteris clandonensis va. Heavenly Blue

I’m pretty sure this wild plant is Coltsfoot… time will tell, I’ll be more sure when I get a flower. I assume the plant got is common name from the shape of the leaf looking like a small hoof print.

Coltsfoot Tussilago farfara

I really like this last one and am annoyed that I lost the label. It looks like some sort of calendula to me… anyone out there know for sure?

Rant it out!
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