Disabled Access

Riding my hobbyhorse…

The links on this page lead to published articles etc. about access for disabled birders.

Because I set up ‘Birding For All’ (formerly the ‘disabled birders association’) and because I have a tendency to whinge loudly about this issue I get asked to submit articles about access to birding facilities for disabled birders. When I don’t get asked I have to whinge even louder until I do.

Things have improved over the ‘noughties’ especially on RSPB and WWT reserves but many local nature reserves still do not do much to make it easier to wheel a wheelchair or pushchair around a reserve or to enter hides, nor does it make it much easier for the ‘hard of walking’ like me – so I’m always banging on about providing a bench every 100 meters so fat old farts like me can get further and see more.

What is more, while the reserves tend to have responded most there are still a great number of ‘where to watch’ guide writers who make little effort to tell us whether its worth us bothering to turn up at some sites. Optics equipment makers do little to help the thousands of wheelchair users use their telescopes or those with other infirmities to use binoculars with one hand etc.

As there is a very long way to go I will be whining and wheedling, begging, pleading and shaming in an attempt to make it better!

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