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Grumpy Old Birder Articles

The articles listed (click to read them) have appeared in various magazines over close to a decade.

Sadly, some of the magazines are no more and, currently (December 2011) the Grumpy Old Birder column appears in a section of Birdwatch magazine.

Over the years they also appeared in Birds Illustrated and Birding Art & Photography.

The editors of all those magazines tell me that the articles always drew as much mail as all the other material in the magazine added together… oddly, as I am such a curmudgeon, nearly all the letters were supporting my viewpoint!

Should I find myself without a magazine to call home I’ll go on churning out the same self-opinionated diatribes for as long as I have breath and an opinion along with my passion for watching wild birds…


Sometimes people see fit to comment – the nice ones follow:


I do not normally respond to stuff I read on blogs – and if truth is known, I do not really seem to have the time to read many anyway. However your End of Days posting popped up on my Facebook page and I was really moved by it.  A great little piece of prose that held so much resonance with me. I’ll now set about working my way through your ‘back catalogue’ for other gems.


Steve Rooke – Managing Director – Sunbird


You may think that this is a picture of a Collared Aracari eating some banana – not so, it is me in spirit – being greedy and, you will note, I’ve already spilt dinner down my nice new orange shirt!

Rant it out!