Getting ready for winter

Winter preparation continues with most of the garden sorted out. The exceptions are areas where late summer flowers are still blooming and its too early to cut them back and tidy up. Having planted bulbs ready for spring we also plant out things that will either mature next year or are there for winter colour. Pansies are the most reliable flowers to give you winter colour.

So, a couple of troughs are now planted and popped into the mini greenhouse for a few days while the sit back up and establish their roots. When they look perky they will go into their winter position… hopefully well able to survive the onslaught of molluscs!

I bought two varieties, the other being a ‘trailing’ variety. So these are now in a couple of planters that will allow them to fall. 

Meanwhile a final tweak along the garage roof – oops I mean patio. This line of toughs replaces some that were empty or did not fit.

Rant it out!
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