It’s beginning to feel a lot like…

…any other day!

There has been so much rubbish talked about Christmas this year, with headlines like ‘Government Cancels Christmas’. Given that we are a largely secular society much of the fuss has been generated by the plight of commerce, with shops closed making it harder for us to overspend on junk. We have to buy rubbish on line!

Of course its sad for those who normally get together at this time of year and now cannot, but that is it! Christmas is still a celebration if you want one. Hopefully kids will still get presents and a lot of those who can afford it will over eat. I may be ‘bah humbug’, but Maggie loves this time and she thinks all the ‘cancelled Christmas’ talk is bunk too!

The fridge still feels Christmassy

This year the stand-up letters have been pout out of my reach, preventing me from rearranging them.

This elf is poised to turn on the Xmas lights… and penguin, after nearly a decade, still manages (if rather quietly) to say, when squeezed,  ‘Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year’!


Rant it out!
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