More seasonal sensations

Just as I was beginning to think I needed a new title for this BLOG the government pressed ‘refresh’ and a brand new lockdown is coming… only about a month after it should have done… yet more lives lost through ignorance and avarice.

Meanwhile I’m still catching up with ID of various fungi… still provisional of course. But here are some seen over the last few weeks that I can put a (tentative) name to. First this ghostly white fellow, appropriate for All Hallows.

Peppery Milkcap Lactarius piperatus

It’s several weeks since we spotted what look like canon-balls stuck high up on tree trunks. When I searched for them on line I found nothing, but as often happens I came across pictures when looking for something else entirely, thus enabling ID.

King Alfred’s Cake Daldina concentrica

These next guys were on our latest foray.

Clouded Funnel (aka Clouded Agaric) Clitocybe nebularis

As was this last one, sprouting from the underside of the roots of a fallen oak and around a lichen-clad branch.

Artist’s Fungus Ganoderma applanatum


Rant it out!
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