You get to a certain age…

You get to a certain age when your usual outings change from meetings and working lunches, field trips and social gatherings to shopping and medical appointments. Our diaries now list upcoming hospital tests and dental appointments along with food deliveries and, an occasional zoom meeting. Yesterday was no exception with an awkward 4.20pm visit to Canterbury hospital’s scanner. 

Given that we are in ‘tier 4’, which is lockdown in all but name, and it was Sunday I expected empty roads, but not a bit of it. Seemed like any other Sunday to me. Going through town there were less walkers about, but the roads seemed normal. Annoying as we drove the 45 minute journey into a low sun making visibility poor, and returned in the dark (which I hate as one has to double one’s concentration levels and cannot keep an eye out for wildlife).

Maggie’s visit to the hospital was typical of all institutions with a layer of two of bureaucracy… she was met and trailed corridor after corridor and two levels to end up at the scanner. When she left it was straight out of a door onto the car park one up from where I had parked. Why on earth couldn’t she have gone in the way she came out? A disabled patient would have found the route impossible and entirely unnecessary! The good news was that she was early, they were slack and so she emerged just before the time she should have been seen.

Today I write this awaiting a call from the GP… in other words a normal septuagenarian day.

Here’s the pictures promised yesterday the lockdown, septuagenarian hairdo!

Rant it out!
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