A sandwich loaf

Still shielding, but stir crazy we went for a drive around Sandwich finding a couple of quiet rural corners to loaf around in nature. At the Restharrow reserve the disabled parking has been newly doubled in size and the surrounding disturbed earth was a mass of wildflowers and busy insects.

Whilst the bank is no longer poppy-clad, there were still many in bloom. As always there, the air was filled with lark song.

It was a slight surprise to find that most of the insects were exactly as I am seeing in the garden, albeit feeding on different plants.

Nice to see Evening Primroses amongst others.

We also went to a track which has a steam that runs into the stour where the yachts are moored.

Few birds, just Little Grebe, Moorhen and Coot on the water, with Sedge Warblers singing and a Cetti’s Warbler flying back and forth across the water.

I’ve noticed before that the area around Sandwich has lots of what I always thought were Roman snails. It turns out they are the larger, edible species. 

Grove Snail Cepaea nemoralis

Around the stream were dozens and dozens of damsel flies; all Common Blue ones, one of the three types we usually see in our garden, but sadly, so far this year, there have been none!

Common Blue Damselfly Enallagma cyathigerum





Rant it out!
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