A work in progress

No, I didn’t put on an Apron just to make toast! I was at the end stage of my vegetable curry… 16 spices, it’s all in the unique blend. As it happens, each time I make it it’s unique, as I use different amounts of each spice or try an addition or two… today the black cardamon was new and I doubled up on cumin and turmeric. Today’s lacked oomph as I had forgotten to buy chillies so had to use chilli powder, and its just not the same.

Fifty years ago I was taught the basics of curry by an Indian friend… in those days, before I gave up eating mammals, it was goat curry, but the basics are the same. These days its easier to buy coconut cream, ghee and all the spices, back then, living in Bolton, the Asian market not only had all the spices but a dozen vegetables I’ve not seen in a greengrocer’s since. 

I think I’m ‘jigsaw’ed out… funny how its always this time of year the the idea to do one occurs, and after half a dozen the feeling dissipates. Here is the last in stages.


Rant it out!
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