Bigging Up Bumblebees

I’m pretty sure this is what I think it is… the trouble is that there is sometimes a size crossover between species so the queen of one species might be the same size as a worker of another with very similar markings, head shape etc. But, judging by the many garden bumblebees I’ve seen lately this is so much bigger I am confident I have it right (unless someone corrects me… how’s that for confidence?)

The garden bumblebee species all favour trumpet-shaped flowers because their long tongues reach places other species tongues cannot.

Large Garden Bumblebee Bombus ruderatus

One plant they visit is the one below.

Peruvian Lily Alstromeria intecancha

This is a popular garden plant which I find difficult to manage as its stalks are incredible brittle and even watering it can sometimes break the stems. It dies back to very little each year but comes back to fill and overflow the pot by July. On this variety of cultivar the variegated leaves give it interest even when the flowers have gone or are yet to come.

Rant it out!
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