Celebrating Coastal Climes

When friends or family mention they miss visiting the sea it’s time to count my blessings. True, we moved here for cheap housing, but Maggie has always loved the sea.  That and the mild climate made Margate win out over Wales or the Western Isles. It can be snow deep five miles inland while we bask in sun on the clement coast. When all other outings are a trek or unattractive we can ‘pop’ down to the shore in four minutes flat. Even in mid winter, brave British bathers use the sea swimming pools…

…and stroll along the strand.

On calm days many ships just pass by, in storms our bays are used as shelter and one often sees a dozen ships at anchor. The English Channel (or La Manche depending on your country of origin) is still one of the world’s busiest seaways.

Whether its an interest in shipping, wildlife, swimming or just taking the air there is always a pull to go down to the sea again.

Rant it out!
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