Leopard & her cubs?

You don’t get many leopards in southeast England… or do you? We’ve had leopard slugs for a while now but I’d not seen any for ages. My theory was that our artificially high frog numbers was keeping them down. I hoped so as I love frogs and conserving them, while reducing the plant eaters was win-win.

Then we cam across this chap halfway up  a stick I had pushed into the ground to support a bush. I assumed that what I was seeing was a leopard and her cubs… but that is not so. A quick look on line showed a leopard slug laying its spherical, translucent eggs.

Leopard Slug Limax maximus

I’m not yet sure what we are seeing here… probably slug poo but it is possible that this is some sort of parasite, or completely unconnected with slugs.

I have it in mind, it being that time of year, to increase my knowledge of fungi. I spent my childhood collecting ‘horse mushroom’ the size of dinner plates first thing of an Autumn morning and having one for breakfast… love ’em. Able to be absolutely sure that these edible filed mushrooms were nothing sinister was the extent of my knowledge, so this Autumn I hope to photograph a few. Anyone know of a good ID app or book?

While my study is lined with books a few are within easy reach of the computer, field-guides to various taxa that interest me. I wish WILDGuides would bring out a UK fungi book!

My ‘must have’ animal and plant guides – always close at hand!

Rant it out!
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