Lime or Linden

Today’s focus for national tree week is the Lime Tree – not the exotic fruit we squeeze in our G&T, but the so-called English Lime. It is known elsewhere as the Linden tree and, although there are 30 species I’m assuming this is the familiar tree of our suburban streets.

Linden Tree Tilia x europaea

She was so delicate that, while we sat beneath the linden branches, a leaf would fall and drift down and touch her skin, and it would leave a bruise. So, as we sat in the afternoon hour, beneath that fragrant linden bower, I had to chase all of the leafs that fell away.” ― Roman Payne

Judging by the vehicles parked under this tree I may be wrong about the exact species, as I remember why we call them lime trees… they drip sticky sap and parking beneath them is like parking beneath a bird roost where they drop their bird lime all over your car. Although this one is certainly shedding all its leaves.

I’m going to sign off with an image of Autumn trees around a lake.

Rant it out!
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