More hidden gems

Abelia is such an unassuming shrub that it’s not had a mention on this blog yet. I have several in the garden, the largest of which form a hedge that is background to more grandiose flowers. Its flowering season is extremely long and the small, pretty, pink flowers attract many insects. The cultivars originate in Asia or Mexico. In this case its alternative name of Chinese Abelia announces its origins.

Glossy Abelia Abelia rupestris va. Grandiflora

Way back I illustrated my new found resolve to allow most ‘weeds’ to flourish if they are good for pollinating insects, with the milk thistle below.

I hadn’t seen its brother, now grown to maturity. They are not unattractive, although half a century of thinking ‘weed’ makes it hard to overcome prejudices. I’m allowing it to seed, let’s hope its not so prolific as to become a problem. As it is an annual it will get pulled up once the seed has sown.

Common Milk Thistle Sonchus oleraceus

Rant it out!
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