September Insects

Our mild, marine climate means that some insects fly in all months. But most species either hibernate, become torpid or die. For the most part ‘queens’ survive and may have a small coterie of workers or drones to restart colonies. Some over winter in larval (like dragonflies) or pupal stages, some like butterflies may find a relatively warm and dry place to hibernate until spring. Most insects have a flying season (or two if the manage two generations per year) when they are about. The longer Autumn goes on the fewer species are flying. So it is interesting to see what is still about.

I was taking pictures of hoverflies (most are hard to ID on the wing) and thought I was taking pictures of one species. However, it turned out there were two very similar species and one of them turned out to be new (if my ID is correct) to the garden.

Furry Dronefly Eristalis intricarius

To my naked eye this looked the same as an old favourite.

Tapered Dronefly Eristalis pertinax

Also present inn the garden today and posing nicely was Batman!

Batman Hoverfly Myathropa florea

As the Globe Buddleia flowers, each new bloom is an instant magnet for bees. 

Buff-tailed Bumblebee Bombus terrestris

Rant it out!
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