What’s the story, Morning Glory?

How unobservant is it possible to be? Yesterday I notice the first flower on the morning glory that I had planted in a hanging basket hanging from our lilac tree.

Must get a picture I thought… so today I snapped it in all its glory bejewelled by an overnight shower. I was delighted to see another stunning purple trumpet next to the first and photographed that too…

…then I looked up.

Morning Glory Ipomoea purpurea

Definitely one worth waiting for… I must plant this annual earlier next year.

This is another plant that arrived not long after the pond was established. As attractive as it is, it is invasive. I am forever pulling seedlings from pots as it not only invades but, left to its own devices it annexes the pot!

Umbrella Sedge Cyperus eragrostis

Rant it out!
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