Another day of depressing sameness…

I haven’t much to say, so why am I saying it? Probably, because my feelings are probably shared by millions of ordinary people who are not clinically depressed but are getting fed up with the tedium of not being able to do what you would otherwise be doing.

Its been a few days since we ventured out, the last time the sun shone we went to the sea – our usual spot where I can seawatch while Maggie power-walks along the prom.

On sunny days the prom gets too crowded for socially distanced comfort, on on dismal days like today it’s hard to motivate to an outing and on other days some sort of health issue gets in the way.

Around the corner is Spring when the spirits are lifted and at least a bit of gardening doesn’t feel like an Siberian exile and a walk doesn’t feel like an Arctic trek.

Rant it out!
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