Nostalgia 1

I recently started using my photos as a screen saver… randomly selected phots appear on the screen when it’s in standby mode. An awful lot of rubbish pictures appear, but even the worst evoke a memory or two. Somehow makes lockdown even worse!

Its a shame I didn’t use my phone to take photos longer ago as only a couple of overseas trips appear, however, its fun to relive them even if its just a lunch out locally or some critter I chased around trying to get a decent shot.

Yesterday I was treated to dozens of really bad photos of a hoopoe… it was feeding along a fence line amongst the leaf litter.


Best of a bad lot

Bad as the photos are they still transport me to a hotel in the hills in India and the area we visited. I remember the contrast of getting s superb lifer (a laughing thrush of some sort) along side a well-walked path down the banks of which had been deposited all sorts of litter and ordure. A beautiful landscape and its endemic wildlife polluted by human carelessness.

However that trip in 2014 was full of wild beauty and even some nice human experiences… here are a few memories…

Spotted Deer

Tea picker

Rant it out!
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