Forgotten corners…

I’m constantly remodelling the garden… each year one or more areas get something of a make-over, and in between times one pot gets swapped for another or we lose a plant and plant something new. All gardeners try to create perfection, and none of us quite get there. The only constant is change.

Yet some areas are always overlooked because they are less than ideal. For example some plants live beneath bird feeders. Not ideal as seed falls into pots and sprout, sometimes swamping the legitimate occupant. The bay tree often ends the day with loose feed filling its nooks and crannies.

Sweet Bay Laurus nobilis

Beneath the feeder the spirea struggles.

Japanese Meadowsweet Spirea japonica

Other corners change little because the range of plants that will thrive in that position is limited and, as they say, ‘if it aint broke, why fix it?’

Baby Sage Salvia microphylla

Despite this plant being in the garden for a decade I didn’t know what it was called. I looked for it on line and was surprised that it is called a sage… so today I squeezed a leaf between finger and thumb and held it to my nose and it smells strongly of that herb.



Rant it out!
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