Frog Frolics

Frog Frolics


Cute is not a word I ever use! But take a look at these two what must be one of last year’s tadpoles with a two-year-old playing follow my leader… cute sums it up.

Here’s another frog under the food catching tray, mentioned the other day. The variation in colours from almost black, through dark green to khaki fascinates me.

Frog with a Leopard Slug Limax maximus* probably having polished off its smaller relatives.

This morning Maggie found this frog on a leaf. Shortly afterwards a fly landed on the leaf and the frog leapt at it mouth open and missed, landing in the pond!

And finally, in the frolicking frog parade this chap who I snapped with his old china.

Sorry me old china, there’s no way we can get it on.


*Leopard or Great Grey slug, Limax maximus, as its scientific name implies is the largest in the UK and can grow as much as 8 inches in length! It has a very unusual and distinctive mating method, during which the hermaphrodite pair use a thick thread of mucus to hang suspended in the air from a tree branch etc. Native to Europe and Africa they are now found all over the world.

Rant it out!
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