Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe

We get very few moths in the garden although of late I’ve seen more micros about and what I assume is an Orange Underwing from the orange moth I saw flying off. I also disturbed a Plume I think, but cannot be sure. However, as I watered yesterday evening I disturbed a moth and saw where it flew to an Abelia leaf, so managed a photo. Its easy to see how it got its common name!

Silver Y Autographa gamma

In the lengthening shadows a large White butterfly was having supper at the Whistlestop Cafe – topping up on nectar from the Hyssop.

We have to water the tomatoes every day as we have to plant them in shallow planters so they droop and without constant attention would get blossom-end rot or the fruit would not fill out, or worse still split. Many have reached full size now so we hope they begin to ripen soon.



Rant it out!
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