Grey Day

Today is a celebration of a personal anniversary, so I should be feeling great. But the truth is, perhaps for the first time, lockdown is getting me down. Everything feels dismal. The weather is reflected in my mood. 

Three sleepless nights haven’t helped. Sciatica is a bitch… nothing but heat treatment works, and a cocktail of three pain relievers doesn’t get me through the night. As millions of arthritics and other chronic pain sufferers know these pains, like toothache, can be offset during the day with work or play, conversation or other distractions, but at night there is nothing to stop you feeling the pain whilst praying for sleep.. almost enough to  chip away at my atheism… almost. Us old gits share our ailments in the way that younger people share their loves, achievements or drunk and proud stories. When asked ‘how ya doin’, we can’t help but oblige sometimes with the truth… ‘crap, my friend’… and go on to give every medical detail way passed the time we should have. No-one really wants to know how you are mate!

So here’s today’s pretty picture of last nights deep red sunset instead of my whinging.

Happy birthday to the love of my life and another significant other… and many of them.


Rant it out!
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