Last of the mushroms

Here are the last few identified mushrooms for East Blean Woods.

Split Fibrecap Inocybe rimosa

While I know its not an issue I am always reluctant to kick over a fungi fruiting body… luckily for me it had already happened so I could see the gills underneath.

I was excited to see the next species because it was new to me but also the first puffball I’ve seen since I took a proper interest. Its also the only species of puffball I’ve seen growing on a rotten stump. They have such a pleasing shape too.

Stump Puffball Lycoperdon pyriforme

This is another favourite find, interesting form and colour, and a beautiful juxtaposition with the bare wood and lush moss.

Brick Tuft (Cap) Hypholoma lateritium

Here’s another from a few days ago that I could not identify. It looks like someone has poured tarmac onto an old log! I was looking up a fungi that looks totally different and came across pictures just like this of the fungi at a late stage.

Brittle Cinder Kretzschmaria deusta

Rant it out!
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