Let there be light…

Realising I should have taken some ‘before’ pictures in advance of my Autumn remodelling, I hastily took some shots of the garden. So, you can see how the area of the garden I tackled yesterday, looked BEFORE I got started:

I’ve dubbed this ‘Raspberry Corner’ for the raspberry canes you can just see between the two evergreens. The main evergreen bush is not particularly attractive and is prone to a white mould on its leaves that scatters in the air if you brush against it. Unsightly, and not great for my asthma! It seems to have little going for it by way of wildlife attraction and blocks out a lot of light. Its leaves fall but do not easily break down although I guess they ‘self-mulch’. The only good thing is that its green all year round. So, yesterday we cut it back drastically while trimming the other shrubs, clearing up and moving pots around. That are now looks like this:

From the shed one can see just how much more light is let into the garden, great for the majority of plants that like full sun. This is looking only slightly north of due west so gets the sun for most of the day, from mid-morning through to dusk.


Rant it out!
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