More indentification

Yesterday started well as I gazed out of my office window over the brewing coffee a male Blackcap popped into the cherry tree… closely followed by a browncap, either a female or immature male.

It was cold overnight as my arthritis knew all too well. With our weekly supermarket order due no amount of sun could draw us out into the world, so it was another day to count blessings and review all my fungi photos… more new species for sure, but, as I have learnt, fungi are really variable!

Here are a few, as always provisional, IDs.

Oakbug Milkcap Lactarius quietus

Often a look at gills is vital to narrow the field…

…if they have them of course. Even although the next doesn’t, its one I am sure of as I’ve known them since childhood. Found in the playing fields next to the wood, just like when I was a lad.

Common Puffball Lycoperdon pariatum

I’m far less confident of this one, but I believe it is right.

Sweetbread (Miller’s) Mushroom Clitopilus prunulus

And finally… another which I’ve seen a few times but could not identify and accidentally came across a picture in the net.

Bitter Oysterling Panellus stipticus




Rant it out!
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