Quiet Days

We had to be up early to let a window repair man over the threshold to seek out the reason for a window’s rattle. It was weird letting anyone in… despited full PPE worn throughout it was mildly disturbing.

Quiet days could mean relaxing in pursuit of gentle amusement or being mildly bored. But, for birders, it’s when there is ‘not much about’. We spent an hour ‘exercising’ around Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory and Golf Course. Pleasant weather was sharpened by a winter wind necessitating a wind-cheating coat and a hoodie. Common farmland birds for the most part, if one counts the usual covey of 10 Grey Partridges.

The sharpest observers might just make out a few blobs that you will have to take my word are Grey Partridges. These were among the highlights. A resting buzzard was minding his own business atop a heap of soil, a spoil heap from the creation of scrapes across the RSPB reserve. A busybody crow dive-bombed a few times and the buzzard lazily flew a few hundred feet and took up a position atop a gate post. The crow took up station close by but without more interference.

Back home with subways to eat for a late lunch then more time transferring trip reports to Fatbirder.com

Early evening would have proven delightful to any passing shepherd… not that we get many in Margate.

Rant it out!
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