Springing up…

Spring is definitely on its way despite the weather cooling. In the week or two of unseasonable warm weather I made a start on tidying up the garden… until the icy blasts from the north sent me scurrying for shelter. Nevertheless, the evidence is there:

Daffodils are opening…

…and tulips are not far behind.

Dwarf Irises have already poked up through the snow, showing in all their glory now it has passed (for now).

Best indicator of all are ‘our’ frogs. For the last few nights we have heard the males singing… croaks coming from around half a dozen frog blokes looking for ladies.

Each day we see up to ten frog heads poking above the surface of the pond and sometimes a struggling mass as they ‘get it on’ frog style. Proof will follow as a couple of small globs of spawn have already appeared.

Maggie constructed a ‘breeding pen’ at one end of the pond with a barrier to keep the fish at bay, cleverly, so far, the frogs have confined there activities to the safe area.

Rant it out!
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