Still about?

Still flying, this diminutive hoverfly is still making a fly-line for the big yellow osteospermum – apparently they should still be about in November! Several there today hovering before settling.

Thick-leggeds Hoverfly Syritta pipiens

Sad to have to pull up the beautiful red petunias that have flowered since April… only a few blooms left on some well-chewed and leafless stalks. But the planters are immediately back in use with spring bulbs planted. Daffodils, Tulips, Irises and Fritillaries are planted deep… but will they be too deep to be pulled out by the Blackbirds looking for worms? 

Something, possibly a cat or a fat pigeon has squished the Tiarella and severed the tap root. I’m trying to save it by planting what is left somewhat deeper in the hope that it will put out more roots from the bottom of the crown.

Foam Flower Tiarella cordifoloa

Rant it out!
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