The Shape of Things to Come

We have survived lockdown and shielding because we have each other and the garden. Latterly we have been able to go and do some contactless birding, nature with social distancing. But, for most of lockdown, we just had each other and the garden. It was warm and bright, airy and full of colour. It had birdsong, amphibian action and lots of bugs to be studied. I’m fearing the winter. This morning rain greeted me through the office window.

Not just common and garden rain but global warming torrential rain. My photos looked contrived, as if I strived for the photo equivalent of Monet or Manet, Renoir or perhaps Seurat. No so much ‘La Grande Jatte’, as ‘La Margate Misérable’.

The breakfast outlook from my kitchen called for ‘les parapluies’.


I hope that this is not the shape of things to come… Margate usually has mild winters with sunshine and maritime temperatures that allow annual plants to flourish for a few years and encourage insects to fly most months.

I don’t relish being confined to quarters, without the stimulation of wildlife and nature or the pottering exercise and fresh air even our tiny garden sustains us with.


Rant it out!
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